The demands on the smart buildings and architecture have increased non-stop in recent years, and energy efficiency has become a top priority for businesses, right alongside good “return on investment”. The concept of “green buildings” is based on sustainable, energy-efficient construction and can be realized through intelligent, integral building automation. NOVENGI offers scalable building automation solutions for monitoring and automating all aspects of any building.


1. Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

We aim to provide optimal temperature control with product experts and perfect the complete HVAC cycles that deliver outstanding comfort, highly rated performance and sustainable systems that are cost-effective. Shaped by the highest standards of quality, technology and innovation, our brand shepherds the grand vision of protecting our environment whilst creating comfortable living spaces through energy-efficient technology and eco-friendly refrigerants. As such, we provide solutions for different spaces and uses for projects of all sizes.




2. Refrigeration Systems

We contribute to a healthy environment by providing our customers with a wide range of food preservation and storage solutions in the food industry and supermarkets. Our aim is to assist our customers in meeting the challenges they face in ensuring cold chain management whilst ensuring the optimal performance and efficiency of their businesses. We keep up with and offer the most innovative refrigeration technologies that are beneficial to our customers. We enable excellence in food retailing using a wide range of merchandising and refrigeration solutions, coupled with store optimisation and store planning support.




3. Fire Protection Equipment

Fire suppression systems technology has been part of our product portfolio for the last fifteen years. Our fire detection and firefighting equipment technology solutions are tailored to service diverse industry sectors, and the inclusion of these systems is just one example of our commitment to personal and workplace safety. As a one-stop fire protection provider, fire protection equipment is but a single part of our vision of protecting lives, client assets and creating a safe work environment.



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